For the past decade, I've worked professionally as a commercial photographer, a make-up artist, a retailer and as a manufacturer of a line of cosmetics.

But I have always been fascinated by church statuary. I was raised Catholic and I was drawn to the statues in the homes of my Italian relatives here in Northeast Ohio.

While shopping one day in a second-hand shop, I saw a statue of Saint Clare of Assisi. I bought the  statue, took it home, and immediately began to sculpt fingers on her broken hand and to patch her forehead. After those repairs were made, I hand painted her.

And so I continue to do it, because there are many statues in
Cleveland's Catholic churches that need restoration work.
Today, it is something to which I devote a considerable amount of time and I am honored to do so.

Her beauty was restored, and I was hooked from then on. I thought to myself, "This is important work."

It's about the beauty of art, and it's about respect: for history, and for what our ancestors gave to their beloved churches.